self harmers. i must have been born to suffer.
Anonymous said:

i go to your school and am in your year, we don't talk but i really do care for you cause i'd hate to see anybody upset or broken or anything like that xxxx

Awh so you not gonna tell me who you are :(xxx

Anonymous said:

i just want to tell you that you're beautiful, and i know you're probably getting a lot of shit and drama right now but i actually have so much respect for you right now, you can always talk to me if you want to no matter what, please try not to be insecure because you really are beautiful, everything about you is beautiful, you don't have to wear so much makeup to school or hide anything to prove that you are really beautiful. stay strong, okay? :')

aw thankyou :’) thats so sweet,who is this,xxxx

Anonymous said:

did they take your pix off of tumblrafterhours(.)com ?? search there for letsdieyoungandthin

what did they do?

at counciling for the first time :l shitttt

dont unfollow computers broke so i cant post anything


i just kind of feel like there isn’t any getting better anymore . it’s stay the same or get worse, and to be honest that frightens me.

Okay, so for every reblog. I will go for a day without cutting.


I’m honestly hoping I don’t get more than 5 notes XD

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Anonymous said:

tumblr must have some wealthy investors considering the way they're giving away free stuff at tumblrmarketing(.)com did you do it yet?

What is it?